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FX3 Software for FCB-MA130

FCB-MA130 is a compact industrial camera module developed by Sony. This camera enables users to capture Full HD resolution (1080p/30fps) movies and 13 megapixel still images. It features several other useful functions, including embedded Image Stabilizer and Face Detection.

We provide USB3.0 camera solution for FCB-MA130 by using Cypress USB3.0 device controller FX3. We can license FX firmware, Windows application and Windows library for this system. Please ask us, if you need the license.


FCB-MA130 FX3 Board (Front) Connecting FCB-MA130 to FX3 Board
Face Detection by Standard GUI Preview by using VLC media player,
The utility controls the camera simultaneously
IftCam:Face Detection IftCamCon:Camera Control

Connecting to Android
FCB-MA130 Android

- support UVC(USB Video Class) 1.0, accessable to FCB-MA130 specific functions via UVC extension
- support all resolutions of the movie and the still image supported by FCB-MA130 (some resolutions are limited in case of USB2.0 mode)
- controlable camera functions from app
- We offer Out-of-the-box standard GUI app (Standard GUI), FCB-MA130 control utility, Libraries for developers (FX3Cam SDK), Sample programs (includes source codes)
- Our Android app (Trial or Standard version) is needed to support FCB-MA130 on Android
-> One Push AF by a tap action, Zoom by a pinch action


Please activate the caption. This image quality is worse than the original, because of upload to YouTube.


This software supports the followings. In the followings, (*1) implies the function only for USB3.0. This software consists of FX3 firmware and Windows application. Windows application supports Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Movie 1920x1080 (*1)
1600x1200 (*1)
1280x960 (*1)
1280x720 (*1)
1024x768 (*1)
Still Capture 4192x3104 (*1)
4128x3096 (*1)
3264x2448 (*1)
2592x1944 (*1)
One Push AF
Manual Focus
AE Mode (Auto, Hold, Manual, Shutter, Gain)
EV Correction
Backlight Correction
AE Photometry
WB Mode (Auto, Hold, ATW, 6 Fixed modes)
Anticipate Flicker
Image Stabilizer
Side by Side Reverse, Up and Down Reverse
Hue Control
Gain Control
Digital Zoom
Face Detection
Face Detection Window
Noise Reduction
Slow Shutter
UI Command Read (Low Level Command Interface)
UI Command Write (Low Level Command Interface)

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