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Sponsorship Program

We offer the following to our sponsor.

We make USB Camera App support sponsor's USB camera.


- 1 year contract. It can renew the contract annually.
Our app will not work with sponsor's camera, if the contract term expired.
- We maintain the app including sponsor's camera during the contract term.
- We offer Silver and Gold plan.

Silver Plan

- Support your USB camera by USB Camera App.
- Price list (1 model)
Line up Initial fee Renew fee
Silver 500K YEN 200K YEN

Gold plan

- We release dedicated FREE application for sponsor's USB camera.
The features of application is similar with USB Camera App. If we add new feature to our application, it also add to sponsor's application.
We serve some customizations if those are easy to implement. Please ask us.
- We maintain the app similar with our app.
- We take royality based on application downloaded number.
- Price list (1 model)
Line up Initial fee Royality Renew fee

Other information, notice

- We can't guarantee all cameras work well. So we confirm whether we can apply your camera to our apps, and the test is free of charge. Please send USB descriptors of your USB camera first (refer here to get USB descriptors). We confirm it. If we find a positive potential which we can apply your USB camera to our app, we will borrow your USB camera and investigate it at an actual environment.
- There is a case to charge an investigation fee in special case.
- We borrow sponsor's USB camera during contract term for maintenance.
- All of the rights of applications are belong with Infinitegra, Inc.
- We can not guarantee to operate with all of Android teminals and performance.
- We introduce sponsor's USB camera in our company web site and our application site on Google Play.
- Eventually, we ask sponsor to allow to use sponsor's USB camera in the exibitions and/or articles of magazine those we participate in. (It is OK to reject our request.)
- All of price on this page aren't including tax.
- If you have an opportunity of customization that can't cover this sponsorship program, please consider our Library solution.

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