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Android USB Camera

Android App "USB Camera"

System Requirements

Can your app work with Skype or any other apps?
Refer to VarCam-V Lite features.

I want to use the app on my Android device that doesn't support Google Play.
No, you can't.


The screen becomes black. No video is displaying.
Please down framerate by settings menu.
Please change Default Video format by settings menu.
or change resolution to SD.
If it does not work even tryed all of above, please change the camera.

Where is the recording file located.
Please check menu - file list.
Those files are shown menu [settings] - [record settings].

Recordings of movies the color is wrong.
Please change video record color format settings from menu [settings] - [record settings].

Can not record video after updated OS to Android 5.0.
Please check the permission of recording folder .
May be lack of permission for recording folder.
Please change record directory from menu [settings] - [record settings].

The app indicates "Unsupported device" message.
The connected USB camera is not supported by our app. Please use supported cameras.

The app indicates "No device was found" message.
Android device doesn't recognize USB camera. Please check the following terms.
- Restart the app, Reboot the Android device.
- Check your USB camera. (work with PC properly?)
- Check USB Host function on your Android device. (Try with mouse and/or keyboard, etc)
- Check your USB OTG cable. (Try with another USB OTG cable)

I can not connect VarCam-V.
Please confirm the followings.
- Please check "Connect" in "VarCam-V settings" at menu - settings - other settings.
- Does a resolution of a camera set to SD??

I can not connect VarCam-V from android to PC.
Please confirm following.
- Confirm communication restriction of firewall.(Does VarCamServer.exe be allowed on your Windows firewall settings?)
- Confirm communicatable port on WiFi router.(Can you use TCP port 5701 on your WiFi router settings?)
- Confirm WiFi.(Does WiFi connect to Android and PC terminal?)
- Confirm connected IP address.(Does the android app settings indicate IPv4 address on PC?)
- Confirm to communicate between Android and PC terminal.
- Confirm WiFi communications trafic.
- Restart the Android app.
- Restart VarCam-V Lite.
- Restart camera app on PC.

I connect VarCam-V, but I can not display video on PC.
Please confirm following.
- Confirm to connect Android and PC.
- Are you started USB Camera display app on PC?

The app became to not work suddenly.
Please try to reboot the Android device and re-install the app.

Cannot display video due to error.
Please change Default Video format by settings menu.

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