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Android USB Camera

Android App "USB Camera"

This is the specification of the latest version.

Specifications and Characteristics

- You do NOT need root rights or changing Android ROM data.
(You can use normal Android device which is sold on the market)
- Video Size : SD (640x480), HD (1280x720)
- Recording (You can set the sound to On/Off), Sound Recording : by Android internal microphone
- Camera Control (Only supported commands of the camera are controllable) : Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Gamma, Gain, Hue, White Balance, Anti-Flicker
- Still Image Capture
- Mirror Display (Flip Horizontal/Vertical)
- Display with Delay (Max 10 seconds)
- Connecting 2 USB cameras (Displaying simultaneously, Switching cameras)
- Connecting a USB camera (which is connected to Android) to PC as a virtual USB camera
- RTSP communication function

Restrictions and Attentions

- For versions of Android devices after 4.0 with USB host function (*1)
- Trial/Standard Version : Connectable cameras are not restricted
Sponsored Version : restricted
- Unplug a USB camera from an Android device when you do not use this application. (*2)
- This app can't cooperate with other Android apps.
- Some Android device can't work well when recording sound. Please turn "MIC ON during recording" off, if you meet the trouble.
- Some Android device may not work well when connecting 2 USB cameras simultaneously.

*1 : Some Android device may not execute this application. Anyway, please attempt the trial application.
*2 : The battery may be consumed, because a USB camera may cause a slight current.

Restrictions of Each Version

Function Standard Trial Sponsored
Executable Time Restriction NO 60 seconds NO
Displaying our logo image NO YES NO
Supported Camera Not restricted restricted
Recording YES only video
Camera Control YES NO
Still Image Capture YES
Mirror Display YES NO
Display with Delay YES NO
Connecting 2 USB Cameras YES NO
Network Feature
(VarCam-V Lite)
RTSP communication function YES

Easy Network Feature "VarCam-V"

This app can't cooperate with other apps (e.g. Skype).
So we offer VarCam-V software which enables our app to cooperate with Skype and so on.


VarCam-V WEB site
You can download VarCam-V Lite (Connectable only by single Android device) from the WEB site without charge. We can also offer VarCam-V Full (Connectable by multiple Android devices). Please refer the WEB site for details.

Notice : You need WiFi and PC in order to use VarCam-V.

RTSP communication function

You can communicate PC with the USB camera connected this application on RTSP.

Checked RTSP on [Network connection] at settings.
and Menu [RTSP settings].

Install VLC https://www.videolan.org/vlc
Menu [Media] - [Open Network Stream] Enter below
rtsp://(device ip address):11039/usbcamera/

Notice : You need WiFi and PC in order to use RTSP.

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