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Easy Network Feature "VarCam-V"

VarCam-V system can connect a USB camera (which is connected to Android) to PC as a virtual USB camera. Anybody can use the USB camera which is connected to an Android device as if the USB camera were connected to PC directly. You can connect the virtual USB camera to typical USB camera apps.

VarCam-V Lite


VarCam-V system consists of two SWs.

Android Library It is embedded in the Android app (only for Trial/Standard versions).
VarCam-V Server
(Virtual USB Driver)
You can download it (VarCam-V Lite) from this site.


 VarCam-V Full : Connectable by multiple Android devices

VarCam-V Full Overview

 VarCam-V Lite : Connectable only by single Android device

VarCam-V Lite Overview

VarCam-V Full

Please kindly ask us. We can sell it.

VarCam-V Lite

You can download it from this site without charge.


 1. Setup of PC Environment
Download, install and run the VarCam-V Lite Server (virtual USB driver).
Refer to VarCam-V system guide for details. It is attached to the download file.

 2. Connect to PC from Android Device
Set up VarCam-V menu in USB Camera app, and connect it to PC.
Refer to VarCam-V Android user's guid for details. It also is attached to the download file.

 3. Run PC App
Run a typical USB camera app, and select the virtual USB camera (VarCam Video 01).

 Restrictions and Attentions

- Supports only video (not Audio)
- Supports only cameras which have a Motion JPEG feature (not uncompressed or other)
- Supports only WiFi (not 3G/4G, WiMAX, etc.)
- The system stability might be bad when your network is unstable.
- Some typical USB camera app might be unable to recognize the virtual USB camera.
- Virtual USB Driver supports Windows 7 SP1 x64/x86, Windows 8.1 x64/x86
- After Android OS 4.0 (We can't guarantee that all Android devices work)
- Does not support the latest Skype as of 1 May, 2015. Now improving it.

Download VarCam-V Lite Virtual USB Driver

VarCam-V Lite Virtual USB Driver Software License Terms

Infinitegra, Inc. ("Company") owns VarCam-V Lite Virtual USB Driver ("Software"). In gratis Usage of the Software, when you have agreed with the following terms, please download and use the Software.

- Company holds the copyright of the Software.
- Usage of the Software is restricted for a purpose ("Purpose") of a network cooperation with the Android application which is released by Company.
- Company may change the Software without notice.
- Reproduction of the Software is not allowed except for the Purpose.
- Alteration, decompile, and disassembling of the Software are forbidden.
- Company does not guarantee about performance and compatibility to the Purpose of the Software.
- Company is not responsible for damages which occur from the usage of the Software.


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