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UVC(USB Video Class) is a USB device class standard that describes USB devices that are capable of streaming video. Webcams are currently the most popular UVC devices. Video standards supporting UVC are uncompressed video, Motion-JPEG and so on. But uncompressed video or Motion-JPEG is not enough to support recent WEB services handling high definition video. So, June 20, 2011, USB-IF(the non-profit USB Implementers Forum, Inc) released UVC H.264 standard. H.264 is a video compression standard, and is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video. UVC H.264 is expected to spread new net services supporting high definition video like telephone and video distribution services.

Our R&D results

We have been researching a DSF(Device Simulation Framework) technology that is a USB device simulation environment distributed by Microsoft. In 2010, we have succeeded in simulating an UVC uncompressed video device by attempting DSF technologies. Moreover, July 2011, we have succeeded in simulating an UVC H.264 device.

But we could not play H.264 video that is streamed from the simulated UVC H.264 device, because Windows OS does not support UVC H.264. To play UVC H.264 video stream, special DirectShow filter is indispensable. DirectShow is a multimedia framework for Windows OS produced by Microsoft. So, we developed Infinitegra UVC H.264 Filter that control an UVC H.264 device. H.264 video from an UVC H.264 device streams into Windows OS standard H.264 decoder via Infinitegra UVC H.264 Filter.

DirectShow Filters for UVC H.264

You can play UVC H.264 by adopting Infinitegra UVC H.264 Filter !

Playing UVC H.264 video stream


This is a demonstration movie of UVC H.264.

(1) Run a virtual UVC H.264 camera by DSF.
(2) Configure this virtual camera.
(3) Connect DirectShow filters.
(4) Run DirectShow filters and play H.264 video streamed from a virtual UVC H.264 camera.

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