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Android USB Camera

Android USB Camera Access Library "AndCam-ULib Pro"

AndCam-ULib Pro is a USB camera access library which can be embedded in an app. By integrating AndCam-ULib Pro into your app, you can develop your app (User App) which uses a USB camera connected to an Android device.
AndCam-ULib Pro Outline

Examples of Use

Record Transmit Video Analyze
Recording video
with a location info
Video distribution or chat system Analyzing video, AR


- Library (Binary)
- Documentation (Javadoc)
- Sample program (source code)


 Supported Cameras
Not restricted. But we can't guarantee our library supports all USB cameras.

Supported Android Devices Same as our app (Standard Version)
Cam Control
Connecting 2 Cams
Resolution Not restricted by API (Reduce the resolution if it can't work, because some Android device may not be able to work higher resolution)
Video Encoding We offer them (You can implement them by yourself)
Video Recoding
Still Image Get from video
Maintenance 1 year update, technical support

Other information/Notice

- Not all Andrid devices can work the library. And we can't guarantee the performance too.
- We sell the library only for corporations. Please ask us the price.
- Please ask us your request, if you would like to add new kinds of features to the library.
- We might not reply to enquiries that are sent from a free mail (e.g. Gmail, etc.). We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation because we receive a lot of enquiries.
- You need to sign a license agreement with us. You can't distribute the library itself (you can distribute your app that uses our library).
- This library "AndCam-ULib Pro" doesn't have a compatibility with AndCam-ULib Express.

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