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WebRTC Wearable Communication System RazVision WR

RazVision WR is a low-price/easy-use wearable communication system. It brings you video/voice communication easily with your smartphone and wearable camera via public lines (3G, LTE and so on).

RazVision WR outline Resolve a shortage of skilled labor, and improve maintenance quality.

System overview

RazVision WR is based on the WebRTC that is the latest communication technology. It can select appropriate communication path according to the communication environment, and it selects basically peer to peer communication so that we can offer the service at very low cost.

RazVision WR system configuration
We offer an app for a field worker, but a PC at a director is not needed any special software.

Features, etc. Details
Protocol WebRTC
Network Public lines (3G, LTE and so on), Wi-Fi that is connecting to internet
SIM Data communication option is needed
Device and SW Field Worker Android (After 5.0. But not all Android can work it. Please avoid low cost smartphones.), an exclusive SW is needed, and offered without charge.
Director PC and so on that works Chrome browser

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