OWLIFT 撮影可能距離 ピクセル数と水平画角による考察



OWLIFT 撮影可能距離 ピクセル数と水平画角による考察[:en]We are often asked how long the OWLIFT can take a picture far and wide from here. But it's very difficult to answer it clearly because We have to consider the operating environment, the size of the object, the temperature gap between the object and its periphery and so on. This article shows a simple examination about a distance that the OWLIFT can take a picture from.

A capability of the OWLIFT for taking a picture far and wide from here is derived from the resolution and the horizontal field of view (HFOV) in the following figure. It shows that the OWLIFT takes a picture of an object (170cm height and 47m distance) as 3 pixels. The distance is closer if the object is smaller, and is farther if the object is bigger. But the distance might be closer by some reason.

OWLIFT: The shoot-able distance that is considered in pixels and HFOV[:]