OWLIFT Android接続 ケーブル接続順の注意事項


USB2.0 OTGケーブル、USBスタンダード・マイクロ変換ケーブル

写真上:USB2.0 OTGケーブル

OWLIFT 正しい接続

OWLIFT 誤った接続[:en]You need 2 kinds of cables in order to connect the OWLIFT to Android.

USB2.0 OTG cable, USB standard/micro conversion cable

The upper cable: USB2.0 OTG cable
The lower cable: USB standard/micro conversion cable

The following connection is correct because you have to connect the OTG cable to the OWLIFT.
Correct connection

The following connection is wrong, it never works. Please pay attention because anyone tends to error.
Wrong connection[:]